We are one of the leading manufacturers of handmade carpets. We specialize in hand-knotted carpet and are known globally as a category leader. The artistic beauty of designs, tantalizing color combinations and the comfort feel of the texture are the ingredients of the Eclipse carpets. Over the years, we have continued to perfect techniques and to carry forward the rich heritage of designs into homes and businesses in more than 30 countries around the globe. Eclipse Carpets, the life song of thousands of weavers and artisans, has been constantly creating benchmarks for beauty and craft. Eclipse Carpets is on its way to create wonders by linking the grassroots to the most elite and luxurious icons of the world.

“With many years of experience”, our products are a whole wide range of exclusive handmade rugs that are adorning homes worldwide. We believe in decorating homes with elegant styles, luxurious comfort trickled with the essence of rural craftsmanship. Eclipse Carpets truly represents the passion for art, lifestyle, persona and much more for everyone in their homes and work places. Eclipse Carpets offers a whole new insight to discover the world through its products, which is a creation of artistic intellect and a pure heart that sees the world as one union.

The vision of Eclipse Carpets is not barricaded, but will make sure that people care for values and have empathetic attitude for the society. Our mission is to develop a secured community that grows with changing times and to deliver every customer the skill sets of each craftsman. We operate as an extended family and welcome each talent that showcases creativity, leadership and commitment. Every moment, we live a dream of each artisan and connect them to million hearts worldwide.