There are many different carpet fibers to choose from. These fibers are either nylon, olefin, polyester or wool. They vary in wear, stain and matting resistance as well as clean ability. Before picking out a carpet. Choose the type of carpet that is best for you.
Plush Saxony: Traditional cut pile carpeting with a smooth luxurious surface. Resistant to matting and crushing, saxonies are the favorite choice for many areas in the home.

Textured Saxony: The yarns of this cut pile have been textured. The result allows for the informal or casual look. These saxonies minimize footprint and vacuum marks which can be a big plus.

Cut-Loop: Combination of high and low looped and cut yarn which form a sculptured setting. An ideal choice for informal areas of your home.

Level Loop: Created by attaching both ends of yarn to the carpet backing forming the loop. A level loop is ideal for high traffic areas because of it’s low, dense construction. An ideal choice for offices and commercial buildings.

Multi-Level Loop: A Loop pile pile carpet with two or three levels of tufts which create a sculptured surface.

Berber: Contains loop pile and flecked yarns. The loop pile construction and coarse features make this versatile style an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional enthusiasts.

Frieze: A type of textured carpet with twisted and curling tufts. An ideal choice for higher traffic areas.

Twist: Tightly twisted durable cut-pile carpet. This information along with our knowledgeable staff can help you make the decision that’s best for you.

  Comparing Carpet Fibers:

TypeWear ResistanceStain ResistanceClean ability Comments
WoolGoodLow unless treatedGoodExpensive. Low resistance to static electricity unless treated. standard by which other fibers are judged.
NylonExcellentExcellentVery GoodGood static control. Ideal choice for any area. Most Popular fiber.
Polypropylene/OlefinVery GoodExcellent Response WellSecond most popular fiber.
PolyesterVery GoodGoodGoodGood for lower traffic areas.

The following are definitions of the most popular styles which will help you determine the best style for you.

Nylon is very durable and used for the majority of all carpets made. Soft & luxurious.

Olefin can’t be beat for color fastness, is extremely stain resistant, yet it doesn’t have the resilience and lush feel of nylon.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is soft to the touch, vibrant in color and color-fast, But some are more susceptible to oil-based stains.

Wool is the unequaled natural fiber favored by designers for it’s fashion attributes. It is the most costly and is the hardest to maintain because of it’s tendency to absorb stains more readily